Tensile Mounting Solutions

The unique Tensile Cable Mounting system for various applications is internationally patented by A+SunSystems and available from Valsa for the African market.

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PV Solar Tensile Cable Mounting Structure Solution

The unique Tensile Cable Mounting system for various applications is internationally patented by A+SunSystems and available from Valsa for the African market. The power generated by this solution depends on the size and the number of PV Solar panels used in the installation.

Steel wire ropes are anchored at the edges of the structure.  The anchorages provide an easy way to tension the steel wire ropes, to anchor the frame and to keep the steel cables lifted at the desired height.

Photovoltaic panels are hooked onto the steel wire ropes with special hooks for a quick and easy installation. The solution is suitable for standard crystalline solar panels and thin film panels.

There are various mounting structure applications available:

  • Standard ground application
  • Pitched ground application
  • Vineyards and Orchard applications
  • Elevated ground application
  • Landfill application
  • Quarry application
  • Custom made solution with no limits

All the mounting structures meet structural engineering requirements and have been designed and manufactured to International standards and are in line with SANS regulations.


Versatility The application has no limits and can easily be adapted to the profile of the land, building, façade or other.

The need for geological analysis, land preparation and soil levelling are drastically reduced. The solution can accommodate any site-specific requirements.

Design The custom-made solution easily adapts to the contour of the land and is suitable for pitched and elevated ground, vineyards, orchards, landfills and quarry applications as well as any other custom requirement.

Once the anchors are fixed to the ground the cable is stretched and tensioned and the PV solar panels are placed in position.

The pitched and elevated ground installations have anchors fixed on the side.

Compact and ultra-light only 2kg/m².

Easy to transport due to reduced weight and fast to install.

Proven resistance to wind (dynamometric tests).

Quarry Installations Anchor points are fixed at the top and the bottom.

There is minimum fixing to the intermedium wall and a reduced anchorage depth is required.

Landfill Installations Anchor points outside the landfill area are used
Vineyard and Orchard Installations Installations uses the anchor points on the table with minimum ground penetration.
Flexible Flexible universal design adapts to the profile of the land and is suitable for all standard crystalline and thin film solar panels.
Cost Effective Provides great results.
Tools No need for ramming machines, simple jack hammers are used to plant the piles and for fixing the anchors to the ground.
Maintenance Once installed the system requires minimum maintenance.


Material Structures and components are made from hot dip Galvanised Steel.

Wire ropes (depending on the application) is from steel or Stainless-steel.

Fixing components and panels clamps are from Stainless steel.

Roof Tilt & Ground Tilt

Any angle


From 3 ~ 8 mm – Mounting structure components.

Wire rope/cable-10mm from Galvanized Steel or Stainless-steel.

Panels clamps and fixings- Stainless steel.

Mounting Position

Flat or elevated.


10 years