Harvey Metal Sheet Roof

The mounting structure is designed and manufactured for installing solar panels onto Harvey tile roofs and follows the slope of the roof.

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The Valsa Harvey Tile roof metal sheet mounting structure provides a solution for installing solar panels, as part of the structure of the building, onto Harvey Tile metal sheet roofs found on domestic buildings. The solar mounting structure is fixed to the Harvey Tile metal roof sheet using special brackets, it follows the slope of the roof and is flat.

The solar mounting structure is fixed to the roof with special roof brackets, a simple and versatile solution with all the components tested and approved by South Africa roof manufacturers, ensuring roof warranties and guaranties remain intact for PV solar installations on existing and new roofs.

The solution has been designed and manufactured to SABS standards, is in line with SANS regulations and take African building regulations into consideration. The roof mounting structure solution is ideally suited for African weather conditions.

Custom made solutions can be designed and manufactured on request.


  • Standard Harvey Tile mounting structure solutions for all site specifics
  • Flexible design for improved PV Solar performance
  • Accommodate standard nuts and bolts
  • Structural engineering compliant
  • Easy mechanical assembly
  • High quality material
  • Accommodate customer requirements
  • Quick and easy to install
Panel Orientation
  • Portrait and landscape
Cost Effective
  • Cost effective PV solar roof solution
  • Standard equipment for all installations
Long life span
  • Aluminium structure has a long life
  • Low Maintenance

  • 10 years site dependant


  • Aluminium structure – Alloy 6063
Roof tilt
  • Flat
  • Aluminium components
  • Stainless-steel fixing components
  • Galvanised brackets
  • SABS standards and SANS regulations


Component used in each application can be different depending on the configurations. Speak to sales consultant for assistance.

[FSTM8BLT20SS] M8 Bolt x 20mm SS A2 EA
[FSTM8FLATSS] M8 Flat Washers SS A2_70 EA
[FSTM8HNA4SS] M8 Hex Nut SS A470 EA
[FSTM8SPRINGSS] M8 Spring Washers SS A2_70
[PRO4040TB2S22] 40 x 40 – Top & Side Slot Profile 6.6 Meter
[FSTM8SQNUTA4] M8 Square Nut A4 SS EA
[BRALSTD] L-Bracket Standard 40 x 60 x 5mm EA
[FSTM8RVNT] M8 Riv Nut EA M8 Riv Nut EA
CCSPXGASKET SPX Gasket Length Per Meter
BRAEPSS Earth Plate SS
BRAFPJ Flat Plate Joiners
BRAMC30U Middle Clamp U-shape Bracket 30mm
BRAMC35U Middle Clamp U-shape Bracket 35mm
BRAMC40U Middle Clamp U-shape Bracket 40mm
[BRAEC40Z] End Clamp Z-Shape Bracket 40mm EA
[BRAEC35Z] End Clamp Z-Shape Bracket 35mm EA
[BRAEC30Z] End Clamp Z-Shape Bracket 30mm EA
[FSTM8CPS35] M8 Cap Screw x 35mm SS A2_70 EA
[FSTM8CPS30] M8 Cap Screw x 30mm SS A2_70 EA
[FSTM8CPS40] M8 Cap Screw x 40mm SS A2_70 EA
[FSTM8CPS45] M8 Cap Screw x 45mm SS A2_70 EA
[FSTM8CPS50] M8 Cap Screw x 50mm SS A2_70 EA