Ground Mounting Double Row

The mounting structure is designed and manufactured to provide a quick-install, secure structure for ground installations when only ground space can be utilised. The design can accommodate a double row configured with up to 80 panels per table in portrait orientation.

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Standard PV Solar Ground Mounting Structure Solution

The Valsa Standard Ground Mounting structure solution provides a quick-install, secure structure for PV Solar panels for ground installations. It is the ideal option when roof space is not available or when only ground space can be utilised.

The modular design reduces the number of components and is universal, suitable for all size PV Solar panels and can accommodate various configurations from 4 to 80 panels per table in a portrait orientation with a fixed tilt angle. This allows for the installation to be set at a perfect angle to optimise energy production for different countries.

The solution is available for either In-land or coastal:

  • In-land applications for more than 20 km away from the sea manufactured from Pre-Galvanised material
  • Coastal applications for up to 20 km from the sea is manufactured from Hot Dip Galvanised material

The choice of the best ground mounting solution is influenced by the soil composition (either standard footing for concrete strip foundations, pile driving or standard footing for concrete slab installations) will be used.

For larger installations steel piles are rammed into the ground. The thickness, length and depth of the piles depend on the soil composition confirmed through geological survey results. From sandy soil conditions to rocky soil, the length of the pile will be determined by the pull-out test performance of the soil. The adequate size pile will be specified by the engineering simulation done for the site conditions.

Where the soil is not suited for piles an anchor system can be used in the form of a concrete strip foundation or a concrete slab. This is often used in commercial installations where ground penetration is not permitted or for smaller size installations.

The mounting structure meets structural engineering requirements and have been designed and manufactured to International standards and are in line with SANS regulations.


Versatility Standard arrays/tables suitable for all size panels.

Custom made to the site specifics. Available fixed tilt of the structure from 5 up to 40 degrees.

Design Flexible design to accommodate all requirements.

Can accommodate up to 40 meters in width PV solar arrays.

Provides any fixed tilt angle (site specific).

Resistant to wind forces up to 40m/s.

Mechanical performance verified by engineers.

Compact and easy to transport.

Flexible Modular design.

Portrait orientation is available – 2 rows of panels per table.

Offers fixed tilt angles with desired degree tilt from the customer.

Fast to assemble.

Light weight modular design.

Quick and easy installations with no welding or cutting required on site.

Cost Effective Specifically designed to be cost effective solutions.
Tools Ramming machines are required for larger installations.

Elementary (basic) civil works for the concrete foundation option.

Project Design

Meets structural engineering requirements.

Long life span

Durable material for long life span.


Extended life span of the material through maintenance.



Pre-Galvanised or Hot Dip Galvanised

Structure/Panel tilt

Fixed tilt- from 5 to 40 degree


Galvanised steel components, Aluminium clamps for PV panels.

Engineering certified
10 years site dependant
Standard available configurations in kit form 4 6 8 10 12 20
Custom made solutions available 30 40 50 60 70 Multiple

Assembly Drawings

Concrete Strip Foot Mount