Ballast Ground Mounting Solution

The non-invasive Ballast Ground mounting structure is designed and manufactured to provide a quick-install, non-invasive, secure structure for PV Solar panels for ground installations. The structure uses ballast blocks with an Aluminium mounting structure.

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PV Solar Ballast Ground Mounting Structure Solution

The Valsa Ballast Ground Mounting structure solution provides a quick-install, secure structure for PV Solar panels for ground installations.

It is ideal for a quick deployment of a Ground Mounting Solution for temporary or permanent application for the harvesting of photovoltaic power. It uses ballast blocks with an Aluminium mounting structure. The solution is not invasive. It is available in a portrait or landscape orientation in different tilt angles from 10-40°. The modular design reduces the number of components, is universal and suitable for all size PV Solar panels. Each design is site specific.

The mounting structure meets structural engineering requirements, have been designed and manufactured to International standards, are in line with SANS regulations and is ideally suited for African weather conditions.



Standard mounting structure solutions for all site specifics

Flexible design for improved PV Solar performance

Accommodate standard nuts and bolts


Structural engineering compliant

Easy mechanical assembly

High quality material


Accommodate customer requirements

Quick and easy to install

Cost Effective Cost-effective PV solar roof solution
Tools Standard equipment for all installations
Long life span Aluminium structure has a long life
Maintenance Low maintenance


Aluminium structure – Alloy 6063
Structure/Panel tilt
Aluminium components
Stainless-steel fixing components
Concrete ballast blocks
Panel Orientation
Portrait or landscape
SABS standards and SANS regulations
10 years site dependant

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Freestanding concrete ballast