Floating Mounting Solutions

The mounting structure is designed and manufactured for installing solar panels on water surfaces such as ponds, lakes or reservoirs.

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PV Solar Floating Mounting Solution

The Floating Mounting system is ideally suited for areas where ground space is not available and PV Solar solutions can be placed on the water. This solution is ideal where there is no additional space available or where farm land is fully utilised.

The floating mounting system incorporates high-density polyethylene floating blocks and is designed in accordance with the conditions of the water. The floating blocks can either be fixed with anchor points under or at the water’s edge. The following is recommended:

  • Water level variation of less than 1 meter – sunken anchor or stone with rope
  • Water level variation of less than 3 meters – sunken anchor or stone with rope and elastic spring
  • Water level variation of more than 3 meters – sunken anchor or stone with capstan rope

The solution is ideally suited for African weather conditions.


Versatility Mounting structure solutions suitable for water installations.

Ideal solution when land surface is not available i.e. farm land is fully utilised.

Flexible design for improved PV Solar performance.

Accommodate standard nuts and bolts.

Design Easy mechanical assembly.

High quality material.

Flexible Accommodate customer requirements

Quick and easy to install.

Cost Effective Cost-effective PV Solar solution
Tools Standard equipment for all installations
Long Life Span High-density polyethylene structure has a long life.
Low maintenance


Material High-density polyethylene
Structure/Panel Tilt

Additional tilt for better performance and self-cleaning.


Prevent water evaporation

Utilises non farming land

Improved PV Solar panel performance due to the cooling effect of the water

Minimises theft of PV Solar


10 years site dependant