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More than 10 years ago, Valsa identified a gap in the solar market and started designing, manufacturing and supplying mounting system solutions. How can Valsa help you with mounting solutions?

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Roof Mounting Solutions

Installation of solar panels onto all types of roofs as part of the structure of commercial, industrial and domestic buildings

Maximising the harvesting of photovoltaic power without compromising the integrity of the roof

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Carport Mounting Solutions

Various options are available from Galvanized, Aluminium, Cantilever and a Non-standard Aluminium carport solution

Dual purpose combines the harvesting of photovoltaic power with the need for hsade and protection of vehicles

Incorporates LED lighting and solar charge stations for electrical vehicles

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Ground Mounting Solutions

Ideal option for installtions on the ground

Quick-install, secure structure for PV Solar panels

Different options – concrete slab, façade fill, strips and pillings

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Pole Mounting Solutions

Quick-Install, secure structure

Ideal option when roof space Is not available

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Floating Solutions

Incorporates high-density polyethylene floating blocks

Floating blocks can either be fixed with anchor points under or at the water’s edge

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Facade and BIVP Solutions

PV Solar panels are mounted onto the building facade.

Ideal for high rise buildings in central business districts with limited roof space.

PV Solar solution is integrated into the architecture of the building.

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Tensile Cable Solutions

Steel wire ropes at the edges of the structure provides the anchor

Provides an easy way to tension the steel wire ropes to keep the frame at the desired height

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Single Axis and Dual Axis Trackers

Greater tracking accuracy

Seamless drive communication

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