Pole Mounting Solutions

The mounting structure is designed and manufactured to provide a quick-install, secure structure for PV Solar panels for ground installations. The structure is ideal when roof space is not available or only ground space can be utilised.

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PV Solar Pole Ground Mounting Structure Solution

Pole Mounting installations provide a quick-install, secure structure when site specifics require the installation of panels elevated above the ground.

The modular design reduces the number of components and is universal, suitable for all size PV Solar panels and can accommodate configurations of 2,4,6 or 8 panels per table per pole in a portrait orientation with a fixed tilt angle. This allows for the installation to be set at a perfect angle to optimise energy production for different regions and countries.

The Pole Mounting installation requires extensive civil works and structural engineering input is required.


Versatility Standard tables suitable for all size panels

Available fixed tilt as per client request from 20-30°

Custom made to the site specifics

Design Flexible design to accommodate all requirements

Fixed tilt angle from 20-30°

Must be based on site specifics and location

Mechanical performance verified by engineers.

Structural engineering design available on request

Flexible Kit design

Portrait orientation is available

1 or 2 rows of panels

Fixed tilt angles with desired degree tilt from the customer


Structural engineering input is require

Project Design

Meets engineering requirements but is site and location specific

Project Design Meets structural engineering requirements.
Long life span

Durable material for long life span



Hot Dip or painted option


Fixed tilt from 20-30°


Galvanised steel components


Meets SABS standards and is in line with SANS regulations.


10 years

PV Solar Pole Mounting Solutions
PV Solar Pole Mounting Solutions